RPG Loot! December 2017

Hello and welcome to the first RPG Loot post! Aside from enjoying collecting RPGs themselves, there are various bits of merchandise that I like to get, too. These are namely books and music, but I do like to branch out into various goods at times, too, such as figures and keychains. While there is an abundance of these items for anime series, sometimes it isn’t quite the same for games (unless it’s the Final Fantasy and Tales of series), so it’s a little bit harder to find a variety of items.

Regardless, collecting is a thing I enjoy, and I also enjoy both writing my own loot posts and reading other people’s, so I figured I would oil the gears and give writing them another go, keeping it contained to just various RPG items I’ve accumulated over monthly or bi-monthly periods. With all that said, let’s take a look at the loot acquired in December 2017!

There wasn’t much series variety here, but that’s okay! Sometimes it is nice to keep it small. Speaking of small, this is actually a pretty small haul compared to some months that I had back in my collecting prime. Since I have settled down on the merchandise front compared to games themselves, this is an impressive haul to me compared to recent months. It does help that this was also when the holidays were, so only one item was something I bought for myself.

Anyway, let’s get to looking at each item individually.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Nintendo Switch. I really enjoy the Xeno series, though Blade is a bit further out there for me than Gears and Saga. But, I was still rather fond of the first Xenoblade. (Never got a chance to play Xenoblade X, despite owning it.) So, of course I wanted to get Xenoblade 2 when that was released. Although I will admit, I have not played more than maybe 10 hours of this so far. It wasn’t hitting it off with me right away and I had other games I wanted to finish before I got invested in it fully. Hopefully I will get back into the swing of it soon. This was the only item in this post that was not a gift, so from here on it’s all me being spoiled by loved ones that I’m very grateful to!

Next up…

Grand Knights History for the PlayStation Portable. Don’t talk to me about the canceled localization, because I’m honestly still sad about it. At the very least, I’m grateful that there is a completed fan translation patch for the game, so I will still be able to enjoy it in English. It took me long enough to get this game, though. But let’s be real, that can be said for a lot of games I missed the boat on, whether due to me being too young, not keeping with the times, or being financially unable to.

Next up…

Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack. I really love the music in Final Fantasy XIV, the only MMO I’ve put a serious investment into. Naturally, I want to own all the soundtracks to support the great talent that goes into continually adding new and wonderful compositions to the game. I admit I am a bit behind, though. The only other FFXIV soundtrack I own is Before the Fall, which contains music from patches 2.2 to 2.5. The Heavensward soundtrack, as apparent by its name, covers music released from patches 3.0 to 3.1, which is pretty major as 3.0 was an entire expansion that was released. Honestly, part of the reason I wanted this over getting some of the soundtracks prior to Before the Fall is because this came with an in-game item code for a minion, or “pet” as some might call it, of Edward from Final Fantasy IV. The code expires today, so I definitely wanted to get it before it was too late, as I love my homages to previous games in the series.

The inside of the case. Spine card is already tucked away nicely to keep it safe. Although I’m considering hiding my spine cards in the booklets from now on, as I’ve almost closed the case on them a few times in the past due to slipping.

A page from the booklet with lovely artwork of Ishgard and lyrics for the song “Heavensward”, in both English and Japanese. The song itself is in English.

Another page from the booklet with some artwork of the primal, Ravana, as well as the lyrics to the song that plays during his battle’s second phase, again both in English and Japanese. As before, the song itself is in English, so it’s nice that there are translations into Japanese for those who can’t fully understand English but want to know the meaning. As I think about it, there are few vocalized tracks in Final Fantasy XIV that aren’t in English. “Rise of the White Raven”, “Ultima”, and “Heroes”, to name a few, but even those are just Latin or something that sounds like it. I’m certain there are some songs I’m missing, too.

This is the cute Edward minion that you got from the promo code that came with the Heavensward soundtrack. Called “Spoony Bard” in-game, sometimes he will briefly play his harp and sing, which you can see in gif form here.

Next up…

Xenoblade Original Soundtrack. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy the Xeno series quite a bit and was fond of the first Xenoblade. A major part of that enjoyment was the soundtrack, especially the tracks composed by ACE+. Though let’s be real, I just love all the compositions for this game, really. It’s nice to finally have this soundtrack.

Inside of the case. Fiora feels so much more ready for battle than Shulk.

The other two discs. Reyn and Sharla, also ready to kick some butt. I guess Shulk just doesn’t have battle-ready pose artwork?

Inside of the booklet. It’s quite short, consisting of only a track list, some composer information, lyrics to the ending theme, and credits.

The formerly mentioned lyrics and credits. No Japanese translation for this game, sadly.

Next up…

Encyclopedia Eorzea. You know there’s some heckin’ dedication to story writing and world building when your work of fiction needs and entire book dedicated to the lore. And this is only for one continent in the game’s universe. I can definitely see there being another lore book released at some point for the rest of Final Fantasy XIV’s world, if not a couple more. I’d certainly like to get those if they become a reality, since this book is truly gorgeous.

The inside cover of the FFXIV lore book has that same artwork of Ishgard that we saw earlier from the soundtrack booklet, though slightly sepia toned.

The Table of Contents. A very necessary and useful thing to have in a book like this.

The first chapter, accompanied by some beautiful Akihiko Yoshida artwork. Judging by the inclusion of Ishgard, airships, and a few other obvious things, I take it this was some promotional art for Heavensward.

Information regarding the gods and their disciples.

This book is seriously a lore lover’s dream. It even includes historical timelines with loads of names and events I’ll never remember beyond reading this section.

A section I assume is dedicated to the story that occurs in patch 3.3. I’ll be honest, I haven’t exactly sat down and started reading this beast yet, but I’d like to soon. Would make for some good night time reading, for sure.

Elezen, my first ever race in the game. Why can’t mine look as nice as that artwork?

Information regarding the city state, Ul’dah. This was my starting city, back when I thought I wanted to be a tank before ultimately getting intimidated early on and backpedaling into a DPS position. Yes, I may be having a bias of sorts with some of these pictures.

A page all about the Black Mage job. This was my main job from patches 3.4 to the end of 4.0, until Red Mage became my new bestie. I blame Enochian for getting in between me and Black Mage. What was my main job before Black Mage? That’s not really important. (It was Dragoon…)

Here is the cute Namingway minion that came with a promo code included with Encyclopedia Eorzea! Another classic Final Fantasy reference, you darn well know I wanted this. Unfortunately it doesn’t do much more than walk around, so I don’t have a cute gif to share with you. The code doesn’t expire until December 31, 2018, thankfully.

Next up…

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Art of Ishgard – Stone & Steel. Oof, I got a number of hefty books this month. Not in this post is also the Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts, which is a beast in an of itself merely in its size. Anyway, this book covers all of the new artwork for patches 2.4 to 3.0, which is a heckin’ lot, as you can see.

Greeted early on by these incredible pieces of art, the left one being done by series regular, Yoshitaka Amano. I still have a hard time telling if the piece on the right is a 3D render or is just very, very deceptively painted. Regardless, I love it.

More stunning artwork, this time of the Warring Triad, the Dragoon from the front cover, and Bismarck. I didn’t know that it was revealed what the Warring Triad primals would look like before they were even released in-game. I didn’t start playing Final Fantasy XIV until shortly before Patch 3.07 was released, and even then I wasn’t caught up in the main story until Patch 3.26. Anything related to Heavensward went over my head until I actually reached that point in the story.

Promotional art depicting two of the new jobs added into Heavensward, Dark Knight and Machinist. Not pictured is Astrologian, which is on the following page, and personally the most aesthetically pleasing of the three for me. I certainly do love stars, tarot cards, and weird globe things.

Concept art of a female Au Ra, a new playable race released in the expansion. Very cute!

Various concept art of field and crafting class gear. Can you spot the reason I decided to take a picture of this page in particular?

Concept art of some new weapons added into the game during the 2.4-3.0 time frame. Those tomes look as lethal to you as the enemies you’ll be casting spells on them from.

Enemy concept art. Granted, I may not have the fondest of memories from my time with Final Fantasy III, but how could I not appreciate the huge homage that FFXIV paid to it in the 24-man raid dedicated to the Crystal Tower? Cloud of Darkness was an awesome boss battle, too.

Various new minions that were added. Quite a few cute things here! Looking at this, I’m pretty sure I have all of them in-game…

Scenery artwork. Ishgard is such an architecturally impressive place and I really love seeing these designs.

More minions based on characters from older games! This time we have Relm from Final Fantasy VI. Her incredibly stick-like neck unsettles me slightly, but otherwise she’s pretty darn cute. She has a nice little animation with her paint brush that she does sometimes, which you can see here. Like Edward, her code also expired today.

Next up…

Wayward Hatchling Plushie from Final Fantasy XIV. This little guy is so cute and sweet! I have a lot of bird plushes, but never have I gotten one of a chocobo before, so I was happy to have this sweetie join the group. The plush is based on the in-game minion of the same name. This also came with a redeemable code for an in-game item, and like the Namingway minion, it doesn’t expire until December 31, 2018. Regardless, you get a cute lamp for housing from this one, and you can see what it’s like when it is turned on here. It’s very cute and definitely a permanent fixture in my character’s house.

Next up…

Xenosaga 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure “KOS-MOS” by Alter. A little reprieve from all the Final Fantasy XIV items. I mentioned that I really like Xenosaga. As well, I’ve always been fond of the character KOS-MOS and her Ver. 1 design from the first game, so I had been wanting this figure for some time. It’s very pretty! Apparently this one was brand new and never opened, and it certainly seemed like so. If that’s the case, I think she’s been sitting in this box for over a decade?! Well, not anymore!

She’s free! The first thing I noticed was that her hair is a bit different in person than in the promo images. It’s more of a translucent, bluish purple. In the promo image, it is a solid blue, as seen here.

Side view.

Back view. It’s here that I noticed that the base is slightly arched upward, but hopefully that will even out with time. If not, it’s no big deal.

Another side view.

Close-up. She’s such a nice figure and I definitely like her more than the other Ver. 1 KOS-MOS figure I have, which is the BOME one. It has to be the face. The more dynamic pose helps, too. Hm, now that I think about it, this was certainly a holiday for figures of characters looking over their shoulder. I got the Urbosa amiibo, as well, and she’s doing something very similar.

Since I currently have no room in my display case for her, KOS-MOS can hang out on top with a random assortment of Fire Emblem items. I’ll find her a spot in the case soon enough.

Well, that was quite a month of RPG loot for me, especially considering that I haven’t had something like that in awhile. But again, the holidays played a big part in that. It was nice to get so many lovely Final Fantasy XIV things, as I do genuinely enjoy the game, it’s the only MMO I’ve ever played consecutively since starting, and it has a very special place in my heart as a major contributor to the reason that a few important and life-changing things happened in my life.

As I’m remembering, there were also some Fire Emblem Cipher trading cards that I got early in the month that I forgot to include, but it doesn’t really matter at this point. It was just a set of Normal, High Normal, and Rare cards from Series 9 and 10, plus a few Super Rares from those series, too.

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to the next RPG Loot post!

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