RPG Loot! February 2018

Hello and welcome to another RPG Loot post! As with the last post, I managed to acquire a few nice new things for the collection. Though due to the heftiness of some of them, I spread this out across two months instead of one. If I had only done one month, there wouldn’t be much to talk about! Although there still isn’t, but there is a good reasoning for that.

If you have any familiarity with PS1 RPGs, you’ll fully understand what I meant by “hefty” now, right? Honestly I would never purchase so many pricey RPGs like this in such a short span of time, but because of the combination of holiday money plus clearing out the merch side of my collection of some impulses I had no attachment to, I was able to go a little overboard.

Well, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at each item! Naturally, starting with the games.

Ultima: Quest of the Avatar for the NES. I have had Ultima: Exodus for a number of years now, but I was always wary of the console ports of the other games in the series, as I thought all of them were more in line with what happened to Ultima V and VII. After having played Ultima IV last year and doing some extended research, I learned I was quite wrong about it’s NES port, which is more of an interesting take on the game, much like the aforementioned Exodus port. With this, I would say the NES side of my 8-bit RPG collection is complete to my standards. That is, unless I spontaneously think I should get Dragon Warrior I-IV, but I’m content with the Famicom versions.

Next up…

Lost Sphear for the Nintendo Switch. Although I am Setsuna frustrated me for some spoilery reasons, it was a good game and I was looking forward to the spiritual successor. (Would that be the right term in this case? It’s definitely not a sequel.) Though I have yet to finish it since I had numerous things come up during February, I am enjoying it a bit more than Setsuna so far.

The lack of any pretty art on the inside makes me a little sad, as the Switch version of Setsuna had it. I feel like for being the only physical release of the game in North America and only being available through Square Enix’s store, we could have gotten at least that, but that’s my personal feeling. Either that or all the consuming white from the game ate up the artwork, too?! Regardless, it makes the realization of no more manuals even more apparent.

Next up…

Okay this is actually four items, but oof are they something. The PS1 was one of my favorite consoles and I just love the look and feel of the RPGs for it, so I definitely wanted to boost my collection with these. Suikoden II and Valkyrie Profile are games I’ve played before and love very much, but Koudelka and Ogre Battle will be new experiences. I also recently replaced the jewel cases of all of my PS1 games to give them a newer look, so I did that for these four as well, since I had leftovers.

Koudelka for the PlayStation. Manual out next to the back of the case. The floating heads are certainly an interesting choice for the cover. Apparently this game is the precursor to the Shadow Hearts series. That’s nifty.

Disc 1 and 2. Koudelka herself making an appearance on both.

And here she is again on Disc 3 and 4. I’ve always been a little meh on repeating art on multiple discs, unless they’re very minimalist.

Ogre Battle for the PlayStation. This is an enhanced port of the SNES version. Beside it are a few extras that were included with the game. We’ll take a better look at that fold-out in a moment.

The good old trend of PS1 games with manuals too thick for a single case, so let’s put the game in a dual case. It would be interesting to see how many single disc games actually did this. The only others I can think of off the top of my head are Alundra, Jade Cocoon, Legend of Legaia, Suikoden, Tales of Destiny, and Wild Arms. I assume it was just for RPGs because of the manuals, but there may have been other genres that needed it, too.

Game disc with the extras from earlier.

And here is the fold-out. It seems to have a branch showing different classes and monsters.

Suikoden II for the PlayStation. What a much loved game this is. Despite its bugs and translation issues, I really do enjoy this game and I’m glad to finally have this after so many years.

Game disc and opposite side of the manual. Nice and compact single disc case, relieving me of just a tiny bit of the anguish of rapidly depleting collection space.

Valkyrie Profile for the PlayStation. Although I never finished Valkyrie Profile 2 and don’t even have Covenant of the Plume (yet), the first game is very special to me. There are so many things about it you just don’t see anywhere else and will always be so unique because of it. And that art style, do I ever love it.

Disc 1 and the art behind it, because as I just mentioned, I love this game’s art and want to show it off at any moment I can.

Disc 2 and more artwork.

Next up…

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Trading Arts Lenneth Figure. More Valkyrie Profile goodness, as I finally acquired the Lenneth figure I’ve been hunting for a number of years. I only had Freya before this, but I am content with my collection of Valkyrie Profile figures now. Unless I miraculously save up enough to get that Sculpture Arts statue, but -that- is what we call a “pipe dream”.

From the back.

The opposite site.

And from the front.

I’ve seen a lot of trading figures in my life, as I prefer them over large scaled figures, and I have to say; this figure is stunning, especially for a trading figure. There’s just an amazing amount of detail on it that I haven’t quite seen before on something so small a scale. Lenneth’s figure is so impressive.

Next up…

Atelier Marie Mame Marie Cold Cast Figure. As I recall, this little cutie was given away as some sort of magazine bonus back in 1997? I’m not sure on the specifics, but that is what I heard from the person that I bought the magic wand version from a number of years ago. With this, I’m happy to say that my set is complete!

Back angle of the box, with an image of the magic wand version I mentioned earlier. Funny enough, the front of the box is the only time that “Alchemist” is written with the archaic long s.

This figure comes with two little extras; a mortar and pestle and a book. For the sake of not losing them, I will just keep them in the box.

Very tiny and very cute! Marie stands about 2 inches tall.

From the side.

The back.

And the opposite side.

The detailing on the base is really neat, too. I’m silly and only took a picture of the intricate rim and not the inside, which has a stone-like pattern to it. You can faintly make it out in this photo, though.

Together at last! The magic wand one has a slightly funky eye, but I love them both just the same.

While there may not have been much on the merchandise front, I took out some expensive doozies from my list that I am happy to have taken care of. They don’t get more pricey than that, and it feels nice to have essentially “exchanged” items I never really cared about for items I had been wanting for years for my primary collection. I’ll probably never purchase that many expensive games in a two month span ever again, though. That was just a happy financial fluke.

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to the next RPG Loot post!

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