RPG Loot! April 2018

Hello and welcome to another RPG Loot post! Because of how insane last month’s loot post was, I had to do it early. To offset it a bit before going on a 2-3 month hiatus (kinda not really, I just like to do them bi-monthly, as I always state), I decided to do a tiny one of the stuff that came in April.

While it may just be a few items, half of those have certainly become expensive for collectors these days, so there’s still a bit to be said for those. Thankfully, I’m still scooting out old things I hardly cared for in my collection in exchange for working on what I care about most.

So let’s get started! As always, we’ll start with the games.

Secret of Mana for the PlayStation 4. While I already played this version on the PC, I really did want to get a physical release. Originally I wanted it on Vita, since that is where Adventures of Mana also is. But since we didn’t get a physical release of that version here, PS4 it was. Maybe I’ll get the Vita version through the Japanese Collector’s Edition someday, as that is one fancy version I would like to own. But we’ll worry about that some other day!

Back of the case with the disc art. I miss manuals. :(

Next up…

Eien no Filena for the Super Famicom and Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo. A huge thanks to Jimmy Hapa of Import Gaming FTW! for hooking me up with the Eien no Filena. I was having a hard time finding a loose cart, since I really didn’t want to spend the extra money to get it CIB. As for Chrono Trigger, well, we all know how iconic that game is. ;) I’m really happy to finally have it in my collection. I don’t think I’ve held this version, let alone seen it in person, since the mid 1990s. Crazy how much time has passed!

Next up…

Shining Wisdom for the Sega Saturn and Elemental Gimmick Gear for the Sega Dreamcast. Remember last month when I mentioned how I was technically done with my Working Designs Saturn RPG collection, but not quite? That’s because Shining Wisdom came in the same day I finished taking photos for that post, so it was excluded. So, it’s technically loot from last month, but I’m putting it in this post. And now that it is here, that set of Working Designs RPGs is done! All that remains is TurboGrafx 16! Beside it is Elemental Gimmick Gear, the last English RPG I wanted to get for Dreamcast. I waited too long and the price really went up, but again; purging the random memorabilia I haven’t cared about in years in exchange for the games I’ve wanted for even longer. So it was essentially “traded”.

Back covers. They really packed a lot of screenshots on the back of EGG, didn’t they?

Colors in the Shining Wisdom manual are certainly better than what we saw in Popful Mail last month, but it’s still a little funny, but not displeasing, to see it go from that pink to blue. Can confirm that this manual followed the format for the Japanese one very closely, as I had that version up until I got the English one. The game even came with the foam block! I should really try and get some more of those for my Sega CD and Saturn game that are missing them.

Not gonna lie, I really like the art style for Elemental Gimmick Gear. It’s different than a lot of RPGs that you see, especially compared to today. Can’t wait to give this game a try!

Next up…

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Memorial Book Valentia Accordion. Goodness, that is quite the title. This is an art book that was recently released for Fire Emblem Echoes and was a belated birthday gift from a friend! I absolutely love Hidari’s art style and when I heard that he was doing the art for this game, I was ecstatic. So, naturally I really wanted the art book, too! It’s very thick and full of interesting images and information for the game.

The Table of Contents. A nice map of Valentia on one page, and on the other you can see the long list of character names to easily find their full artwork. If you can read Japanese, that is!

I could take a picture of Alm and Celica’s pages, but why do that when I could show other characters? I loved the designs for Zeke and Tatiana, so that’s why I picked this page to show. Their outfits are so wonderfully designed. Hidari’s an incredible artist!

Okay, I ended up taking a picture of Alm and Celica anyway, but it was the page that began the Concept Art chapter!

Various concept art for characters from Celica’s side. That breakdown for Saber’s outfit is intense! I imagine stuff like that is a dream come true for cosplayers.

A few shield and banner designs. That mask thing creeps me out!

Image boards of various locations. I love seeing stuff like this as I do enjoy architecture and landscapes.

Designs of various building and again with nerding out over intricate architecture.

It wouldn’t be a Fire Emblem art book without transcripts of all of the support conversations! At least every one that has been released since the art book for The Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade have had those sections.

A nice and concise loot post this month! Definitely an offset from March’s post and a nice means to take a little hiatus until I have enough new, neat things to share! One thing I will admit, though; I love collecting RPGs, but getting a good price on SNES ones lately have been a nightmare! Just when you think the prices can’t possibly get any worse, you look and see that they most certainly are higher than the last time you checked! So I may try and knock out a few more of those over the next few months. So don’t be surprised if there are a bunch of those next time!

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to the next RPG Loot post!

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