Retro RPGs & Gaming Magazines: 1980s, Part 1

Growing up, I had a strange concept of game releases in correlation to where we actually were in time. I was born in the early 90’s and as a result, associated the NES and SNES with most of that decade. Never mind that the console behemoths of the time were the PlayStation, Saturn, and N64. Those consoles weren’t relevant to me until the end of the decade. As far as my little mind was concerned, consoles didn’t come out until I discovered them. Might I have been more aware of what was going on during that time if I had looked through the dozens of gaming magazines that my brother had? Possibly, but they never really caught my eye until the early 2000s, and by that point a lot of the games in those magazines were already a decade old.

But that didn’t stop me from being fascinated by the contents of those pages. As well, I finally started looking at game magazines on store shelves that had news about games that were actually relevant. I went through a short phase around the age of 12 where I collected RPG previews, reviews, and advertisements in a school folder and carried it around with me everywhere. This also meant that I had dissected numerous gaming magazines of my brother’s (which he gave me permission to do), as I just needed to have that information with me at all times. I didn’t care about the stupidly high number of pages about fighting games, or the often lewd or grotesque ads aimed at teenagers. I just wanted that sweet information about RPGs that slipped me by in my youth. Why didn’t I simply use the internet? I did after certain discoveries, which is what ended this phase, but that’s a story for another day.

While there is more to my history with gaming magazines, I’ll cut to the chase by saying I recently stumbled upon hundreds of scans of old magazines, well preserved by passionate fans. Information from the Golden Era of RPGs just waiting to be delved into, to see how these games were received during their time of relevance. And naturally, I wanted to share the findings with those equally as enthusiastic about the subject as myself. So that is where we are now.

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Coffee Break #2: StarTropics – Finished

Occasionally, even I need a break from RPGs. I do enjoy plenty of other genres, but it just so happens that good old role-playing games are my absolute favorite that I love to play and talk about most of the time. Thankfully, I have a small selection of games from other genres whenever I feel the need for something different. Through the process of computer generated random selection, otherwise known as the Backloggery’s Fortune Cookie, the game I would play next was quickly determined.

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Coffee Break #1: Retro Anime OVA Expedition, Part 1

Over the course of around five years now, give or take some unnecessarily long breaks, I have tried to watch various anime OVA that were released in the 80s, 90s, and sometimes the early 2000s. I am admittedly awful at watching series of any kind, especially newer ones. So I figured it would be beneficial to my habit-forming if I started with pint-sized series before building my way up into larger ones. So far, this has been a successful method, as I have been watching more anime lately, and I figured, “Why not write about what I watched?” So, that’s where we are now.

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