Slayers laserdiscs Vol. 2 and 4, acquired!

Last year, I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair of Slayers laserdiscs, after having been hesitant of potentially starting a collection of the oversized movie discs for years. Because I knew if I got one, I’d want to get more. I told myself to stick to just the North American releases of Slayers, which is thankfully just six volumes; just the first half of the first season. They didn’t bother releasing the second half on laserdisc after the localization break, I guess. I had gotten Vol. 1 and 3, which was a nice start. And now recently, I was able to add Vol. 2 and 4 to the set. I don’t have a laserdisc player and I’m not sure if I ever will get one, but they’re still a really cool thing to have. I didn’t even know there were Slayers laserdiscs in North America until a couple of years ago. Now I just have to track down Vol. 5 and 6 and my set will be complete.

Of course, I would be lying if I said it was going to end there, hah. I love Slayers enough that I want all of the Japanese laserdics, too, although I told myself to only get box sets for the TV seasons and OVA sets, to make it more special. Although the movies never had a box set from what I can tell, and Slayers Gorgeous was the last one to get a laserdisc release. (No Premium, but that’s fine. I don’t really care for that one, anyway.)

The real problem, however, is telling myself to stop at just Slayers laserdiscs! I’ve opened Pandora’s Box with this one. I don’t know if I should just collect laserdiscs of anime series I really enjoy, or limit myself to North American releases. It’s conflicting because I love the covers of the Lodoss War and Rayearth Japanese laserdiscs, but ugh, there are so many of them. Limiting myself to North American laserdiscs for anime series I like would at least have a much smaller cap on how many I ultimately end up with. I don’t feel too guilty if I end up doing both, though. Yeah, laserdiscs are huge, but they’re also extremely thin. It’s really not much different than having a collection of vinyl records. Just that one has made a comeback and the other hasn’t. And, understandably, probably never will!

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Coffee Break #1: Retro Anime OVA Expedition, Part 1

Over the course of around five years now, give or take some unnecessarily long breaks, I have tried to watch various anime OVA that were released in the 80s, 90s, and sometimes the early 2000s. I am admittedly awful at watching series of any kind, especially newer ones. So I figured it would be beneficial to my habit-forming if I started with pint-sized series before building my way up into larger ones. So far, this has been a successful method, as I have been watching more anime lately, and I figured, “Why not write about what I watched?” So, that’s where we are now.

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