Grading Scale

Note: This is outdated, since I don’t really do reviews anymore, but I’m keeping it around for the sake of old posts that used it.

All games I review have been played from beginning to end, but not necessarily all side content has been completed. Unless otherwise stated, games are typically played on the easiest difficulty setting, as I’ve never been much of one for a big challenge unless that’s the only option.


Avoid. Even the most diehard and dedicated RPG fans need not apply for this kind of game. Presented in a terrible way that almost leaves you feeling insulted having experienced it.


Should be avoided, but dedicated RPG fans may find something redeemable in this. Presented poorly and by no means a good example of what the genre can provide.


Overall still a bad game, but has a few redeeming qualities. Worse than the expected average and does not quite deliver as hoped but still shouldn’t be completely disregarded.


Neither good nor bad, this is an experience that will not insult nor impress. Tread carefully if you enjoy the genre but tend to go into a game with high expectations. Unmemorable, but reaches the bare minimum of realistic expectations.


A better than average game. The opposite of Mediocre, this tends to hold a fair share of good qualities that are strong enough to outweigh the bad.


Shows a considerable amount of substance. These games should definitely be considered by most fans of the genre. Brings a favorable representation to the table and generally does not disappoint.


An experience that no RPG fan should be without, these games are considered the best of the genre. Represented exceptionally well and are very memorable and give the player a very satisfied feeling.